About Us

Why pay for Healthcare Coverage that you don't need?

We started Affordable Healthcare In My State to provide consumers with information to assist in lowering cost and make informed decisions about healthcare choices for them and their family.

Our goal is to provide information to that will assist you in understanding what is going on in your state in the area of healthcare and wellness.  We provide timely information on healthcare industry trends and invaluable information that you and your family can use.



Health Insurance How To Save Money and Everything You Should Consider

In 5 Questions

Q:  What are my options in health insurance?
A:  Medicaid, Obamacare, Short Term Medical, Catastrophic, Group, Healthcare Sharing, Medicare.

Q:  What's health insurance usually cost?
A:  Health Insurance "premiums" (the amount you pay each month) depend on factors like age, income, health, location, and lifestyle. We lower our average client's premium by 40%. How? We're independent, we compare every health insurance option in the state, and we custom build coverage if needed. We charge $0 for a quote.

Q:  Why is it hard to find information online?
A:  If health insurance could be done accurately online, we'd do it. We guarantee your coverage is done correctly and charge nothing for that guarantee, but it requires a 5-minute phone call or in-person meeting. One mistake can be the difference between $0 and $100,000 in hospital bills, and it's not worth a 5-minute shortcut. For educational purposes, is the only legitimate online quote engine and needs to be used with a licensed agent's 'log-in' which we provide to you for free.

Q:  What's our process?
A:  1. Contacts us (text, call, in person)
2. Qualify (less than 5 minutes)
3. We compare every health insurance option in your state
4. A local licensed agent will go over your best option(s)
5. You can enroll that same day by text, by email, or in person

Q:  Why Affordable Healthcare My State?
A:  We guarantee you the truth. High-pressure call centers, inexperienced agents, and online quote engines can result in mistakes. Guess who's responsible for those - You, the policyholder. We provide all services, beginning to end (consultation to qualification to enrollment) 100% for free. Our 100+ years of combined experience makes a difference in coverage and in cost.