Alabama Healthcare

Alabama Healthcare

Health Ranking: #43

State Health Department Website:

Alabama’s health insurance landscape includes many avenues through which individuals and families may buy healthcare benefits. Alabamians without access to employer-sponsored coverage can shop for health insurance in the private marketplace and through the state’s federally facilitated exchange. Those who are eligible may apply for public health plans such as Medicaid and CHIP

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Alabama and the Affordable Care Act

When the Affordable Care Act took effect and required most Americans to buy health insurance coverage, Alabama elected to participate in the federally facilitated exchange. When Alabamians enroll in ACA-compliant health plans sold through the federal health insurance marketplace, they can apply for income-based financial assistance that helps lower their monthly health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare.

Only Marketplace plans are eligible for income-based premium tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies. Individuals and families that do not qualify for financial assistance may opt to shop the private marketplace where they may have access to different plan options and provider networks.

In Alabama, the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) provides a way for employers with 50 or fewer full-time employees to offer healthcare benefits.

Medicaid expansion in Alabama

While many states have expanded Medicaid to single, low-income adults since Obamacare took effect, Alabama has not.

Alabama residents that want to apply for Medicaid must meet certain eligibility criteria set by the state. More information is available through the Alabama Medicaid Agency at


Alabama’s Children’s Health Insurance Program, ALL Kids, provides low-cost health insurance for eligible children. Information about Alabama CHIP is available at

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Health Information

Alabama was the 43rd state in 2014. Alabama’s health status is slightly better than the previous years thanks to more Health funding, and the easy access and availability of Health Insurance plan, with almost 87% of its residents covered by Health Insurance plan. Alabama is more likely to continue improving Health-wise, as long as there aren’t any drastic changes.

Alabama’s Health Insurance coverage seems to be strong and accessible for its residents, as well as the availability of Healthcare if needed. This is one state that works hard to continue to provide ready and accessible Health Care for its population.

One of the main challenges that still need to be worked on, though, is preventive Health. Alabama has a great Health Care that it’s ready to be used if needed, but needs to work with its residents on achieving a Healthy Lifestyle that prevents Health to deteriorate with time.

What can Alabama expect for the upcoming years?  There is no doubt that Alabama works hard to keep its Health Care System available to as many residents as possible, and it’s very likely this is a trend that will continue in future times.

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Insurance and Department of Health Information

Alabama State Health Department and Department of Insurance

If you have any additional questions or need special assistance, feel free to visit or contact Alabama’s Department of Insurance and Department of Health and Human Services directly:

Alabama Department of Insurance
Phone: 334-269-3550
Fax: 334-241-4192
U.S. Mail address:
P O Box 303351
Montgomery, AL 36130-3351
Overnight address:
201 Monroe Street
Suite 1700
Montgomery, AL 36104

Alabama Department of Public Health
The RSA Tower
201 Monroe Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
Toll free: 1-800-ALA-1818

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