Arizona Healthcare

Arizona Healthcare

Arizona has been among the states with the highest uninsured rate. However, as the health insurance landscape changes under the Affordable Care Act, the percentage of uninsured Arizona residents has improved.

Health insurance options available to Arizonans include individual and family coverage, public programs such as Medicaid and CHIP, and job-based benefits. Health insurance quotes are also available through, where people may shop for Obamacare major medical insurance plans, short-term health insurance, supplemental health insurance, dental insurance, and Medicare supplement plans.

Arizona and the Affordable Care Act

When the Affordable Care Act took effect, Arizona opted to participate in the federally facilitated health insurance exchange. Arizonans can buy ACA-compliant health plans on and away from the federal marketplace during the annual open enrollment period or during a special enrollment period if they have a qualifying life event. Only marketplace plans are eligible for income-based premium tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies, which lower healthcare costs.

In Arizona, small employer groups with 50 or fewer full-time employees can offer health benefits through SHOP—the Small Business Health Options Program.

Medicaid expansion in Arizona

Arizona is among the states that expanded its Medicaid program to single, low-income adults.

Arizonans that want to apply for Medicaid may do so through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Additional information is available at the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System website:


Arizona’s CHIP program, KidsCare, no longer accepts applications due to lack of funding. Health benefits for low-income families may be available through Arizona’s health insurance exchange where families can apply for Obamacare financial assistance or Medicaid.

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Health Information

One of Arizona’s biggest issues when it comes to health care is that government funding is quite scarce (only about $50 per resident). Nevertheless, more public funding will be destined in 2009 due to changes and policies being instated within the state. Despite the relatively low funding, Arizona is a state where people tend to feel healthier with time, which shows that the state works hard not only on trying to deliver and have ready-care for its citizens, but also enforce preventive health care.

When compared with the rest of the country, Arizona is ranked 29th out of 50. Although slightly under the country’s average measures, Arizona is a state that has been improving its health status over the past years. If Arizona manages to work out issues like its low funding, and high percentage of residents uninsured, the state’s position within the Country ranking could improve greatly.


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Insurance and Department of Health Information

Arizona Department of Insurance
2910 N. 44th St. Suite 210
Phoenix, AZ 85018-7269
Phone: (800) 325-2548

Arizona Department of Health Services
150 North 18th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 542-1000

Reduce Your Healthcare Premiums By Over 40%